Гусеничных экскаватора

Тип продукции: Гусеничных экскаватора
Моделей продуктов: XN90-8

No. of cylinders 4 cylinders in line, water cooled
Bore and stroke 98x110 (mm)
Rated power57.5KW
Max. torque286.9 N.m / 1500rpm
Compression ratio18.1
Lubricating methodPressure lubrication and splash lubrication
Fuel consumption≤ 244 g/kwh
Engine oil consumption≤ 0.8 %
Travel system 
Travel motorEATON brand
Travel brakehydraulic disc brake
Parking brakeoil release
No. of track shoes2x40
Width of track shoe452 mm
Distance between two track shoes1430 mm
Travel speed3 (Km/h)
Maximum tractive force62 KN
Grade ability70% (30 degree)
Ground clearance420mm
Balance weight to ground 770mm
Hydraulic system 
Main hydraulic pumpMOIFLUID brand
Model / type 1P0750000 Piston pump
Max. discharge flow 74 ml/r
Speed2200 rpm
Pressure32 Mpa
Main Valve MOIFLUID brand
Model 1V1751480
Pilot control pumpSTAUFF from German
Hydraulic pipesMANULI brand from Italy
Hydraulic pressure 28Mpa
Swing system 
Main hydraulic pumpEATON brand
Swing speed12 rpm
Cab controls 
 Cab New ergonomic cab, which strengthens the structure of the entire stamping, with the feature: strong impact resistance, vibration damping pads, absorbing vibration, comfortable cab with high quality air conditioner, front window can move down, expand driver’s vision
Boom, Arm Bucket 
 Boom cylinder85/50-855x1365
Stick cylinder100/60-910x1365
Bucket cylinder90/55-680x1070
Refilling capacity & lubrications 
Fuel tank240L
Cooling system20L
Engine oil13L
Volume of Hydraulic tank130L
Modebackhoe bucket (wear-resisting plate)
Capacity0.35 cbm
No. of teeth4
Width of bucket 750 mm
Depth of bucket 570 mm
Digging force 
Arm length2330mm
Boom Length3820mm
Bucket digging force 63 KN
Arm digging force46 KN
Operating weight and working ranges  
Operating weight9000Kg
Dimension 6500 x2370x2750 mm
Height of cab 1600 mm
Length of moldboard 2320 mm
Width of moldboard 400 mm
Working Range Max. digging range 6700 mm
Max. digging depth 3980 mm
Max. digging height 6500 mm
Max. loading height 4400 mm
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    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!