Погрузчик экскаватор

Тип продукции: Погрузчик экскаватор
Моделей продуктов: XNWZ51180

General information  
Total weight 6600 kg
Overall dimension 7400x2170x2950 mm
Turning radius 3500 mm                    
Backhoe bucket capacity 0.25-0.3cbm (800kgs)
Loading bucket capacity 1.0 cbm (2200kgs)

Model YTO (YT4A2-22) 
No. of cylinders, type 4 cylinders in line, water cooled
Bore and stroke 105x110 (mm)
Displacement 3.3 L
Rated power/rotating speed  51.5kw
Transmission system  
Hydraulic torque converter XN280
Drive Method  4x2 or 4x4
First forward 6 km/h / 12km/h
Second forward 14.5 km/h / 29km/h
First reverse 6 km/h /12km/h
Second reverse 14.5 km/h / 29km/h
Axle type Hub reduction axle
Front axle track 2110 mm
Rear axel track 1800 mm
Hydraulic system  
Hydraulic Motor PERMCO imported from America
Model 3020
Flow rate 80 L/min
Working pressure 22.5 Mpa
Pilot joystick handler EATON brand 
Multitandem valve RUILONG brand 
Electrical system  
Voltage 24 V
Alternator capacity 4 kw
Battery capacity 210 Ah
Front wheels (size & ply rating) 21.5-16
Rear wheels (size & ply rating) 15-24
Diesel fuel tank 125 L
Hydraulic system fluid 132 L
Backhoe part  
Backhoe bucket width 560 mm
Backhoe bucket weight  185 kg
Maximum outrigger width (extended)  2900 mm
Minimum outrigger width (transport) 2020 mm
Loader part  
Bucket width 2030 mm
Bucket weight 350 kg

Operating range  
A Maximum bucket reach 3850 mm
B Maximum loading height  3300 mm
C Maximum loader dumped height 2550 mm
D Dumping distance from bucket to fender 810 mm
E Wheelbase 2110 mm
F Maximum transport length 7400 mm
G Maximum digging depth 20-25 mm
H Ground clearance 300 mm
I Maximum dumping height 4350 mm
J Maximum bucket reach 5350 mm
L Maximum digging depth 4010 mm
M Maximum digging reach from pivot point 5350 mm
N Maximum digging reach from rear axle 5467 mm
O Travel height 3300 mm
P Height to top of cab 2950 mm
  Digging power of bucket  45 KN
  Digging power of dipper 36 KN

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    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!